Section 1. Name
The name of this corporation is Oregon Society of 注册会计师.

Section 2. Purpose
俄勒冈注册会计师协会(mg老虎机游戏)是一个从事但不限于公共业务的注册会计师自愿协会, industry, government and education.

The Society’s mission is to promote the CPA profession by acting in a representative capacity facilitating professional relationships, 和进一步的知识, competence, performance, and standing of members.

Section 3. Principal Office
公司总部设在俄勒冈州, 在董事会决定的地点.

Section 4. Governing Law
The Society is organized as a mutual benefit nonprofit corporation under the Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 65 Nonprofit Corporations (Act) and is a tax-exempt organization described under the provisions of Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

Section 5. Definitions
As used in these bylaws:

A.   “州”指的是所有的五十个州, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the territories or territorial possessions of the United States of America.

B.   “董事会”指mg老虎机游戏董事会.

C.   “主席”指mg老虎机游戏董事会的总统.

D.   “Committee” means all volunteer groups appointed by the chair of the Board.

E.   “董事”指mg老虎机游戏董事会成员.

F.   “Certificate” means certificate as a Certified Public Accountant 由政府当局发布.

G.  “Permit” means 会计执业许可证 as issued by governmental

Section 6. Performance
根据本细则,任何行为的最后履行日为星期六, Sunday, or a legal holiday, 该行为如于翌日(非星期六)执行,则视为及时执行, Sunday, or a legal holiday.

Section 7. Miscellaneous
本细则中任何需要通知的地方, 该通知须以书面或电子方式发出,除非另有指明. 通知可通过传统商业惯例中使用的任何交付方式进行传达, including delivery by hand, mail, 商业交付和电子传输. Written notice by the Society to a member is effective when mailed postage paid, 或以电子方式发送, 正确地寄往本会现时纪录所显示的会员地址.


Section 1. Categories

Section 2. Voting Members
有投票权的会员分为三类:活跃会员, Retired Voting Members, and Life Members.

A.  Active Members

      1. (a)根据任何州的法律持有注册会计师证书的人 或在某一时刻持有证书,且该证书未因第XI (4)(B)条所述的纪律原因或行为而被撤销。, (b)是俄勒冈州居民,或在俄勒冈州境内有营业或就业场所, 可以向本会申请成为积极会员吗. 
      2. Any Affiliate Member who does not live or have a place of business or employment in Oregon but is either (a) licensed in Oregon or another state or (b) doing business in Oregon may elect to change their status to that of an Active Member by submitting a request to the Society. 
      3. 积极会员获批准入会后,应发给会员证书. Once approved, 只要符合会员资格的标准,个人就应保持为活跃会员. 

B.  Retired Voting Members

      1. (a)根据任何州的法律持有注册会计师证书的人, 或在某一时刻持有证书,且该证书未因第XI (4)(B)条所述的纪律原因或行为而被撤销。, (b)已达到美国社会保障管理局确定的充分退休年龄的人, (c)完全退休, or (d), 如果被雇佣为商业专业人士, works less than an average of twenty hours per week calculated on an annual basis, e)目前在俄勒冈州居住或工作, 可向本会提出申请,更改其身份为退休投票会员. 

C.  Life Members

      1. 任何一个(a)已经连续四十年成为该协会的积极成员的人, (b) has served for at least one year as a chair or vice chair of a committee, an officer of a chapter, or in leadership as a member of the Board of Directors of the Society, mg老虎机游戏教育基金会, Oregon Certified Public Accountant / Legislative Action Committee (OCPA/LAC), mg老虎机游戏集团健康信托或其他协会董事会, (c)已达到美国社会保障局确定的充分退休年龄, may change their status to Life Member by submitting written information on the Member’s eligibility as a Life Member to the Society. 终身会员应免缴费. Also, 任何对这个行业有贡献的人, 但不符合其他要求的可以, 由董事会酌情决定, 获给予终身会员的特殊地位. 

Section 3. Affiliate Members
任何不符合投票会员资格的人士, 但他与协会有着明显的联系, 由董事会决定, 可以向本会申请成为会员吗.

A.  附属会员可出席本会任何会议,但无投票权.

B.  董事会应决定级别, qualifications, 及附属会员的其他权利和特权..

Section 4. Rights and Privileges

A.  有投票权的会员可以参加本会的任何会议, and shall be entitled to vote on all matters referred to the membership; shall be entitled to receive all communications directed to the membership of the Society; shall be eligible to serve on any appointed or standing committee; may be appointed to chair any committee; and shall receive such other benefits as the Board of Directors may determine from time to time. 只有有投票权的会员才有资格担任董事会成员或协会官员.

B.  Affiliate Members may attend any meeting of the Society; shall be entitled to receive all communications directed to the Affiliate membership of the Society; shall be eligible to serve on appointed or standing committees as the Board of Directors may determine; may be appointed to chair a committee; and shall receive such other benefits as the Board of Directors may determine from time to time.

Section 5. Application for Membership
想成为会员的人必须向协会提交会员申请, 使用董事会规定的表格和费用. 所有申请须按委员会所采用的程序处理及批准.


Section 1. Annual Meeting
年度会员会议应在会计年度开始后的前90天内召开,以处理在会议召开前可能适当出现的任何事务. 会议的时间和地点应由主席在董事会同意后决定.

Section 2. Special Meetings
Special meetings of the membership may be called at any time by the chair if notice is fair and reasonable as described in the Act. 主席必须在总裁/CEO收到25名投票成员的书面请求后30天内召集会议.

Section 3. Quorum
出席本会任何会员会议的投票会员将构成法定人数. 以出席的投票成员的多数投票通过, 一项动议或决议应提交协会的投票成员投票,根据第十三条的规定, Section 3 of these bylaws.

Section 4. Meeting Notice
Notice of annual, 定期和特别会员会议应在不少于七天前以书面或电子方式举行, 如果不是由头等舱邮寄, registered mail, or expedited delivery, 会议召开前不少于30天或不超过60天. Advance notice of the annual meeting or other meetings may be given when necessary for advance planning or to arrange accommodations, and shall be followed by official notice as described in the preceding sentence.

mg老虎机游戏 committee, subcommittee, task force, chapter, 知识网络和其他类似的会议应由董事会根据该法案授权进行沟通.

Section 5. 通过远程通讯参加会员会议
Members shall be deemed to be present in person at any meeting called for in these bylaws utilizing remote communication as authorized by the Board in compliance with Oregon Revised Statute governing electronic communication for a membership meeting.


Section 1. Directors and Duties
The Society shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the following:

A.   由第四条(3)(A)(1)规定的三名选举官员.

B.  至少5名,但不超过9名选举董事. 董事会被授权决定适当数量的选举董事职位.

C.  该协会刚刚卸任的主席.

D.  总统/行政总裁须担任当然委员(无表决权).

董事会将行使社会管理所需的一切权力. The Board may adopt written policies to carry out the provisions of these bylaws. 该等政策在被董事会暂停、修订或撤销之前仍应有效.

Section 2. Terms of Office
经选举产生的董事任期三年,但因变更人数而需要换届的除外. 董事任期至选出继任者为止, to begin on the first day of the fiscal year next following their election. 每年至少选举两名董事. 

Section 3. Officers and Duties

A.  协会的高级职员应:

      1. 选举干事:主席、选举主席和副主席.
        a.  The chair elect, 任期正常完成时, 将自动成为主席,任期一年. 如果当选主席不能或不愿任职, the vice chair, 之前由该协会有投票权的成员选举产生, 应自动承担主席当选人的角色,以代替空缺的主席当选人.

        b.  副主席每年由学会有投票权的会员选举产生,任期一年,从选举后的下一个财政年度的第一天起,或直到选出继任者为止. 副主席任期届满,自动当选为主席,任期一年, 除非副主席不能或不愿出庭. In that event, the chair-elect shall be elected by a vote of the Voting Members.
      2. 任命人员:秘书和司库. 秘书和司库将由董事会从选举的董事中任命,任职一年.

B.   高级官员的职责如下:

      1. Chair. The chair shall designate the time and place of meetings of the Society and preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Board of Directors. The chair, together with the Board, shall direct the activities of the Society.
      2. Chair‑Elect and Vice Chair. 候任董事长和副董事长应履行董事长指派的其他职责. 当主席暂时不能或不愿意采取行动时, the duties of the chair shall be performed by the chair‑elect or the vice chair, in the order listed. 
      3. Secretary. The secretary shall cause the following: a list of the membership be maintained; notice given of all meetings of the Society requiring notice; and that a record of Board and membership meeting minutes be maintained. 秘书暂时不能或不愿采取行动, the Board shall designate one of its members to act on behalf of the secretary.
      4. Treasurer. 财务主管应负责所有的资金, 协会的财政和投资, 并应为此保持适当的记录, 须经委员会检查. 司库须按董事会所指示的方式及频率向董事会报告. 在财政年度结束后45-60天内, 司库应要求核数师收到本会财政年度的年度帐目副本. 如果财务主管暂时不能或不愿采取行动, the Board shall appoint one of its members to serve on behalf of the treasurer.

Section 4. Delegation of Authority
董事会可以授权其任何成员代表社会在情况下是不切实际的整个董事会的行动. 本行动须经董事会多数同意.

Section 5. Removal
一名或者数名董事、管理人员可以被免职, with or without cause, 在为该目的而特意召集或以投票方式召集的会员特别会议上, 通过表决成员的多数投票.

Section 6. Vacancies

A.  在主席去世或辞职时, 当选主席或副主席应接替该职务, in that order. 在由主席继任的情况下, 个人可以完成剩余的继承期限和, 构成一个完整的主席任期.

B.  如果当选主席不能接替主席的位置,副主席将接替. 副主席应完成剩余的继任任期,直到下一届主席满任期为止.

C.  此后,候任主席将继任主席一职. 如果候任主席和副主席都不能完成余下的主席职位的继任任期, 候任主席将确保按照第七条的规定,由选举填补下一届主席的全部任期, Section 4. 在任何情况下,任何未被选为主席的人都不得担任满一届主席, 主席由协会成员选举或副主席. 新当选主席死亡或辞职的情况, chair elect or vice chair between the date of election and prior to taking office, 董事会应选举一名继任者.

D.  董事会任何其他成员死亡或辞职时, 在就职之前或之后, the Board shall select a successor to serve for the remainder of the term. 在主席以外的任何董事会成员暂时不能或不愿采取行动的情况下, chair-elect, or vice chair, the Board shall select a successor to serve for the time the position is vacant. The Board shall be the sole judge as to the inability or unwillingness to act.

E.  董事在任职期间由有投票权的成员选举产生,晋升为董事会副主席,提前离任, 主任的职位将被视为空缺, and 董事会应选举一名继任者 for the remainder of the director’s term.

Section 7. 总裁/行政总裁(行政总裁)
董事会可命令聘用一名总裁为首席执行官(CEO). The chair, 须经董事会批准, 应聘请总统/CEO, supervise their work, 并可随时出院. The president/CEO shall have the general powers and management usually vested in the office of president of a nonprofit corporation under the Act, 以及董事会可能规定的其他权力和职责. 总统/行政总裁毋须是注册会计师或本会会员.


Section 1. Regular Meetings
董事会应在主席的命令下召开会议,且不少于每季度召开一次. Meetings with a fixed schedule, time and date are considered regular meetings. 其他都是特别会议.

Section 2. Special Meetings
The chair, president/CEO or 20 percent of the directors then in office may call and give notice of a special meeting of the Board of Directors.

Section 3. Quorum

Section 4. Notice

A.   有关地点应通知所有董事会成员, 任何年度的日期和时间, regular or special Board meeting at least seven days before a meeting date.

B.   In case of emergency, special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the chair, 总裁/首席执行官或其他授权人, at any time preceded, by where possible, 提前两天通知每位董事的日期, 会议时间及地点. In case of emergency, 订明的预先通知, date, 会议的时间和地点可能会有所调整.

Section 5. Open to Members
所有董事会会议均应向有投票权的成员开放. Any Voting Member, 并得到了其他九名有投票权的成员的书面支持, 可要求董事会考虑表决成员在下次董事会会议召开10天前以书面形式向董事会提交的任何建议,并采取行动.

Section 6. Rules of Order
The rules contained in the current edition of "Robert's Rules of Order" shall govern the conduct of the meetings of the Society in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws and any special rules the Society may adopt.

Section 7. 远程会议参与
董事会可允许任何或所有董事以下列方式参加定期或特别会议, or through the use of, any means of communication in which all directors participating may simultaneously hear or read each other’s communications during the meeting, 或者会议期间的所有通讯都被立即传送给每一位与会董事, 每个参与董事可以立即向所有其他参与董事发送消息. 以这种方式参加会议的董事,应被视为亲自出席会议.


Section 1. Standing Committees
本条中提及的委员会不是ors65中定义的董事会委员会.354. 委员会成员不需要同时是董事会成员. 常务委员会设下列委员会:

A.  职业行为(道德)委员会, whose duties shall be to proactively address issues of professional conduct/ethics with members and to assist the Board with all complaints on conduct/ethics deemed detrimental to the interest of the profession, 并就此向董事会报告.

B.  Nominations Committee, whose duty it shall be to nominate members as candidates for officers and directors in accordance with the provisions of Article VII of these bylaws. 委员会应完成董事会委派的其他活动的提名. 该协会刚刚卸任的主席 shall chair the Nominations Committee. 委员会召开任何会议,至少应在会议日期前7天通知委员会所有成员. 提名委员会成员须经董事会批准.

Section 2. Other Committees
The chair of the Board of Directors shall appoint such other committees, 如他们或董事会认为必要,应立即通知董事会, 包括任务小组或工作组, 哪些是针对特定时间段的, 因此不需要任命继任者.

Section 3. Quorum


Section 1. 石板准备和审批

提名委员会应准备下一财政年度的高级职员和董事名单,并提交董事会批准. The slate will nominate one individual for each available elective office. 提名报告将在10月15日开始的60天的曝光期内提交给会员. During such time, 有投票权的成员可通过请愿程序提出董事会服务的其他候选人.

A nomination for any expiring term or vacancy on the Board of Directors and for the position of vice chair may be initiated by a petition, 由至少10名有投票权的协会会员签名. The petition must be submitted to the Secretary of the Society by December 15.

Section 2. Elections
By December 15, 如果没有按照上文第1条的规定提交请愿书提名,则董事会提名委员会的被提名人和每名当选官员应由秘书宣布当选.

Section 3. Ballots
如果提名或提名是通过请愿提出的, the secretary shall on or before January 15 cause to be prepared and sent by mail or electronic means to each Voting Member a ballot listing all nominees of the Nominations Committee for the Board of Directors and nominee(s) by petition including the position for which each has been nominated. The ballots shall specify whether a nominee was nominated by the Nominations Committee of the Board of Directors or by Voting Member petition.

选票应按委员会批准的程序计算. 这种程序应包括收到选票的最后期限,并规定确保每一票只计算一次. 在规定日期和时间后收到的选票不予计算,视为无效.

A plurality of all votes cast for each office shall be necessary for election.

投票将以未配对的董事会职位候选人名单的形式提交,获得最多票数的董事会候选人将当选空缺职位. There may be two nominees for the position of vice chair with the candidate receiving the highest number of votes being elected.


Section 4. Special Election
根据第四条的规定进行特殊的社团选举, the schedule of dates in the above sections shall be revised as needed.


董事会可以授权成立分会,目的是在全州范围内聘请协会成员. 各章节应以董事会通过的书面政策为准.

Read the Chapter Bylaws


Section 1. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Society shall commence on April 1 and end on March 31.

Section 2. Dues
董事会决定年度会费, 各成员应根据其认为适当的分类支付哪些费用, 并可能需要会费的不同数额的每一种所以创建. The Board shall determine the schedule for payment of membership dues. 成员如不缴纳会费,将受到第十一条规定的处罚.

Section 3. Special Assessments
The Board may, 在投票表决的投票成员中以多数票通过, 依照本章程第十三条的规定,经投票表决, 对协会的每个成员进行额外的评估, 但在任何一会计年度内,一会员之摊款总额不得超过该年度之适当会费.

Section 4. 免除会费或其他负债
The Board may, at its discretion, waive the dues, fees, assessments, 或任何成员的其他负债.

Section 5. Audit
It shall be the duty of the Auditor to conduct an audit of the financial statements of the Society’s fiscal year as appointed Auditor. 本会财务报表副本一份, 连同审计人员的审计报告, 应向总统/CEO提交, 分发给审计委员会, 以及此后向协会董事会提交的文件, and shall be available to members within four months of the fiscal year end.


All members of the Society shall abide by the Code of Professional Conduct adopted by the American Institute of 注册会计师 (AICPA). 所有在俄勒冈州有执照或从事业务的成员也应遵守俄勒冈州会计委员会通过的行为准则,作为俄勒冈州管理规则的法典. 在其他州取得营业执照或从事业务的成员,在该州从事业务时,应遵守该州会计委员会通过的行为准则.

In cases where the applicable codes set different standards on the same issue, members shall abide by the code that sets the most stringent standard so that the member will not be in violation of any applicable code of conduct.


Section 1. Resignation
会员可向本会提交辞职通知. The Society will not accept a resignation by any member with respect to whom charges are under investigation or against whom a complaint is pending with a duly constituted professional conduct enforcement agency or committee, 除非董事会认为辞职是适当的.

Section 2. 中止的会员
A member with outstanding dues and/or assessments will be notified and, 如果他们未能在到期后三个月内支付所欠的款项, 将会从协会会员名单中删除. 本会不会将任何正接受调查或投诉的会员免职, 除非董事会决定在这种情况下中止成员资格是适当的.

Section 3. 暂停或终止欠款
若会员逾期三个月内未按本章程缴付除会费及/或评税外的债务,将被暂停参与本会事务.  是否有任何一笔款项在超过四个月的时间内仍未支付, 该成员的成员资格应终止, 协会可要求支付到期款项. The Board of Directors, at its discretion, may waive suspension, termination, 和/或杰出的债务.

Section 4. 未经听证的纪律处分

A.  如有会员证书,会员资格将不经聆讯即告中止, license, or permit be suspended as a disciplinary measure by any governmental authority; but, 会员资格的暂停将在证书恢复时终止, license, or permit.

B.  Membership in the Society shall be terminated without a hearing 由董事会决定 in its sole discretion should such certificate, license, 执业许可或授权:

      1. Be revoked, withdrawn, canceled, or similar circumstance from the member as a disciplinary measure by any governmental authority; or
      2. 在会员因违反规定而接受调查或被政府机关发现违反规定时,自愿辞职或自首.

C.   在董事会规定的条件和程序下,协会的会员资格应在未经聆讯的情况下因纪律目的而终止, 如果发现任何成员具有:

      1. Committed a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year;
      2. 会员故意漏报任何税务或资讯报告, as an individual taxpayer, 是法律要求提交的;
      3. Willfully filed a false or fraudulent tax or informational reporting return, on a member’s return, on a client’s or employer’s behalf; or
      4. Willfully aided or abetted in the preparation and presentation of a false and fraudulent tax or informational reporting return of a client, 雇主或会员报税时.

D.   A member who has been subjected to any sanction or disciplinary measure by the American Institute of 注册会计师 (AICPA), 政府机构或任何其他机构或组织的处罚或纪律行动将导致在AICPA纪律规则下的纪律或终止, 也可能不经协会听证而受到纪律处分. Disciplinary actions may in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors include, but are not limited to, 暂停或终止会员资格.

E.  如果一名成员以书面形式向董事会及时提交了申请, the Board may in its sole discretion consider the evidence provided as to the suspension or termination of the member pursuant to this section, which may be done with or without a hearing at the Board’s discretion. If the Board chooses not to consider the evidence submitted by the member, 则委员会的纪律处分为最终处分.

Section 5. 纪律处分与听证会
无论何时成为协会的一员, 不论该会员是否美国会计师公会会员, 将被指控违反本细则或下文所颁布的任何职业行为准则, 上述指控应根据联合道德执行计划(JEEP)的条款发起。, 联合审判委员会当时的执行规则, and the then operative joint Professional Conduct enforcement procedures in effect by virtue of the agreement between the Society and the AICPA. Under such conditions and by such procedure as the Board may prescribe, a hearing panel, 以出席并参加投票的成员的三分之二的票数, may expel a member; or by a majority vote of the members present and voting, 一名成员可被停职不超过两年, 不包括根据第十一条实施的暂停执行, Sections 3 and 4, 或可对任何成员施加审裁小组所规定的较轻制裁,如该成员:

A.    Violates any of these bylaws or any rule of the Code of Professional Conduct;

B.    被有管辖权的陪审团或法院宣布犯有任何欺诈行为;

C.    是否被听证小组认定为有有损职业声誉的行为, or to have been convicted of a criminal offense which tends to discredit the profession; provided that should a hearing panel find by a majority vote that the member has been convicted by a jury or criminal court of offense involving moral turpitude, 有第十一条所列罪行之一的, Section 4, 处罚为开除;

D.    Is declared by any competent court to be permanently or temporarily incapacitated; or

E.    Fails to cooperate with the Professional Conduct committee in any disciplinary investigation by not making a substantive response to interrogatories or a request for documents from the Professional Conduct committee or by not complying with the educational and remedial or corrective action determined to be necessary by the Professional Conduct committee, within 30 days after notice of such interrogatories or request for documents, or directive to take continuing professional education (MG摆脱网站) or corrective action, 已经用挂号信寄出了吗, postage prepaid, 寄往本会显示的最后已知地址的会员.

Section 6. Reinstatement
Reinstatement of membership in the Society shall be granted as follows:

A.  前会员如欲复会,须定期申请入会, 同时支付由董事会决定的预定申请费用. 

      1.  Former member must have no assessments or other indebtedness; and
      2. Membership in the Society was not suspended or terminated due to any disciplinary action or for non payment of assessments and other indebtedness. 

根据本条复职的会员不得支付额外或新的费用, dues, 在个人非成员期间的摊款或其他负债. 

B.  Reinstatement restores a member to the current appropriate membership status and entitles them to all benefits due that membership status.

C.  根据本细则的任何规定,任何会员资格因任何纪律处分而被暂停或终止的人士,不得恢复会员资格, but may apply for membership by submitting a request to the Board of Directors at any time after the expiration of the term of suspension, 或者自终止生效之日起三年内. A request for membership under these conditions may be accompanied by an application fee 由董事会决定.

D.  Any member that has been terminated for assessments or other indebtedness, may apply for membership by submitting a request to the Board of Directors. A request for membership under these conditions may be accompanied by an application fee 由董事会决定.

Section 7. 会员证书之处分
Upon resignation, 暂停或终止会员资格, 一根据本条任何一节之规定辞职或被暂停或终止之成员, 不得以任何方式展示或以其他方式使用mg老虎机游戏证书,并应协会书面要求将“会员证书”交回协会办公室.


Section 1. General

A.   本会应保障所有董事的权益, officers, committee members, employees and any other person authorized to act on behalf of the Society, whether compensated or not, 在法案允许的最大范围内, 因其存在或以后可被修正, 所有合理的保险费用, liability, 该等人因其正在或曾以上述任何身份行事而招致或遭受的损失(包括律师费).

B.   此种赔偿应适用于任何应协会要求担任董事的人, officer, partner, trustee, employee, 或其他公司的代理人(不论是否以营利为目的), partnership, joint venture, trust, employee benefit plan, or other enterprise.

C.   对于已不再是上述人的人,该等赔偿应继续有效, 并应有利于该成员的继承人, executors, and administrators.

D.   此种赔偿不排除任何人根据任何法规享有的任何其他权利, agreement, bylaw, resolution of directors, contract, or otherwise, subject, however, 符合下文第3条的规定.

E.   尽管有上述规定, the Society shall not provide indemnification to any individual described above:

      1. In connection with a proceeding by or in the right of the Society in which the individual was adjudged liable to the Society; or
      2. 与指控个人获得不正当个人利益的任何其他程序有关,在该程序中,该人根据个人利益是不正当获得而被判定为负有责任.

Section 2. Nonadmission of Guilt
任何行为的终止, suit, or proceeding by Judgment, order, settlement, conviction, 或者根据无竞争者的请求或类似的请求, shall not, of itself, 造成一种假设,即该人没有以其合理认为符合(或不反对)社会最佳利益的方式善意行事, 以及任何刑事诉讼或诉讼, that they had reasonable cause to believe that their conduct was unlawful.

Section 3. 法院赔偿
No person described in Section 1(A) or 1(B) shall be entitled to apply for or receive any court-ordered indemnification pursuant to the Act, 由于同一存在或以后可能被不时修正.

Section 4. 赔偿的授权
Any indemnification shall be made by the Society only as authorized in the specific case upon determination that indemnification is proper in the circumstances because the person to be indemnified has met the applicable standards of conduct set forth in Section 1. 此种决定应按下列方式作出:

A.   By the Board of Directors on a majority vote of a quorum consisting of directors who are not at the time parties to such action, suit, or proceeding;

B.   如果不能达到法定人数, by a majority vote of a committee duly designated by the Board of Directors, consisting solely of two or more directors not at the time parties to such action, suit or proceeding;

C.   By written opinion of a special legal counsel selected by the Board or its committee in the manner prescribed in paragraphs A and B above, 但如无法达到法定人数,而不能指定委员会, the special legal counsel shall be selected by a majority vote of the full Board including directors who are parties to the proceeding; or

D.  由协会有投票权的成员, not including Voting Members who at the time are parties to the proceeding.

Section 5. Advance for Expenses
Expenses of each person indemnified hereunder incurred in defending a civil, criminal, 行政或调查行动, 诉讼或程序(包括所有上诉)或其威胁, may be paid by the Society, 根据第4条的程序授权, in advance of final disposition of such proceeding upon receipt of an undertaking by or on behalf of the such person to repay such expenses unless it shall ultimately be determined that he or she is entitled to be indemnified by the Society.

Section 6. Insurance
The Society shall purchase and maintain insurance on behalf of all persons described in Section 1 against any insurable liability asserted against or incurred by any such person arising out of such described capacity or status whether or not the Society has the authority or obligation to indemnify that person against such liability under this Article.

Section 7. Validity
如果发现本条的任何部分, in any action, suit or proceeding, 无效或无效, the validity and the effect of the remaining parts shall not be affected.


Section 1. Amending Bylaws
Amendments to these bylaws shall be made by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Voting Members of the Society casting ballots.

Section 2. Procedures to Amend

A.   The Board may propose amendments at any regular or special Board meeting, or

B.  十名或十名以上有表决权的会员必须在董事会定期会议召开前至少十天以书面形式向协会秘书提交提议的变更. 

C.  At the second regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors after the secretary has received notice of a proposed change as provided above, 出席的董事会成员应以多数票决定是否将提议的变更以投票方式提交给有投票权的协会成员.

D.  The secretary shall ensure that the required ballot be sent by written or electronic means to each Voting Member of the Society as soon as practicable. 

E.   Voting procedures:

选票应按委员会批准的程序计算. 这种程序应包括收到选票的最后期限,并规定确保每一票只计算一次. 在规定的时间和日期之后收到的选票将不予计算,并视为无效.

Section 3. 成员权利和董事会采用
对这些章程的修改,如不影响其意图或成员的权利,可仅由董事会通过, 以出席定期或特别会议的董事会成员四分之三的赞成票通过, 获得法律顾问审查后. 变化可能包括任务声明的更新.